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KOAC Director's Page
I have now been at the Martin Luther King Older Adult Center for two months and I must say that I have really been enjoying myself. All of the members and the staff have been exceptionally kind and supportive of me. My transition from social worker to director has been a very easy on because of the help, the encouragement and the cooperation I have received, I thank each and every one of you. I have come to realize the the Martin Luther King Older Adult Center is a very active center and has a large membership. The members have been gracious in introducing themselves to me and making me feel like 'one of the team'. Many of the members who returned from vacation and a great number of guests attended our Open House on September 14, 2004. I saw many new faces and met many members who were away for the summer. It was a very successful day in which many of the groups performed and entertained the center members, guests and staff.
Since my arrival, I have found that the Martin Luther King Older Adult Center is unique among the five City of Philadelphia Centers in that it continues to mail the monthly newsletters to each registered member of the center. This is s tradition that I would like very much to continue. However, because of the large number of registered members ( in excess of 1,900), it has become difficult for the volunteers who do contribute to do what is necessary to prepare the newsletters alone. There id a BIG need for more members to volunteer to help prepare the newsletters for mailing in order to prevent necessary changes in he mailing process. It has been proposed, that starting in January 2005, the newsletters will be mailed every other month instead of monthly. This is a change that will become necessary unfortunately, if we do not get the needed help. I encourage anyone who is interested in helping to maintain the monthly mailings, to please come to the office and give your names to Phyliss. Giving of your time will be and act of kindness that will benefit everyone, especially our members who are unable to come into the center and look forward to reading the newsletters.
I want to remind all of our members who volunteer in the center to please remember to sigh the volunteer sheet in the main office. This information is needed when we prepare for the annual volunteer luncheon.
Thanks much.
Beverly Gordy, KOAC Director